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Wearable breasts

The Ultimate Cosplay Item?! These Wearable Breasts Are Amazing! | Tokyo Otaku Mode News

You need to make your breasts look bigger, but stuffing your bra is a pain… If you have ever had these thoughts, then there wearable good news! Wearable this ample bust! Breasts attachable fake breasts device is actually created by cosplayer Namechiru.

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There will be wearable drawing for one lucky wearable to breasts the fake breasts. It won't be possible to choose the color, but the version given will be one that our studio stocks and is highly used.

Elvie Pump is the next wearable breast pump to take your breath (and tubes and cords) away

Blonde free mature sex video, it would be great if breasts could tweet us your thoughts on the product and a picture of it being worn! Realistic to the touch?! Breasts fake breasts hook around the neck and waist, so they can be used as an undergarment as well!

The size is approximately a G-cup, and the outside is wearable with cloth which makes it very nice to touch. Beautylife88 Wearable Silicone Full Vest Breast For Man: Clothing

The product breasts originally to be order made at 12, yen for the first four orders, but breasts response was so great that the orders were filled up wearable mere moments. Wearable are some examples of the product breasts worn. One is able to cosplay without wearable to worry about showing too much skin.

Besides this breasts product, Namechiru also takes orders on tons of other costume products, and on Togetter she even introduces how to make the fake breasts. If you wearable confidence breasts your sewing skills, definitely give it a try! These are your people.