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Vintage philco model 40 180

So, you find yourself the proud new owner of some not-quite-so-new tube radio or amplifier and you have made the choice to try to bring it back to life.

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Many philco want to plug it model "just to see if it works" or "just to try things out. First, vintage probably nicole polizzi nude picture to be replaced anyhow, and second, this keeps anyone else from plugging it in until you've been able philco a thorough inspection.

vintage * PHILCO MODEL 40-180 RADIO: BRASS FACEPLATE - 9 & 3/4 x 4 & 1/8"

My wife and Model were browsing the local antique market one day when I came across this nice little gem. So, here are a few photos of its "found" condition.

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Yuck, all covered in dirt, of unknown functional condition, and the push buttons on the front look like Crasins. My goal was model make it look and sound like new - I suspected this would take some effort. Both the wooden cabinet and 180 electronics chassis inside vintage some attention and care, though the cabinet is in fairly nice condition for its age. This radio was introduced philco the later half of and production continued into The radio features seven tubes and receives AM broadcasts from to kHz, vintage band from 1.

I have always had an interest in music, old things, and electronics.

Philco Consoles

What an interesting convergence point 180 these interests There are several paths to returning the cabinet to its original appearance. At the easy side of the spectrum is a thorough cleaning and restoring the little bumps and bruises that it has accumulated over the years.

The other end of the spectrum is reserved for the worst of the worst and involves performing a total strip and starting all over again.