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Vaginal granuloma

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Found out I have two of these which are causing some extra pain on top of apparently normal breastfeeding dryness. LO started acting up in my appointment so have to go back get them fixed in two weeks. Anyone have any experience with this?

Vaginal granuloma... Anyone? :/

I'm a little nervous for the procedure. I had some granulation tissue removed with silver nitrate.

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He vintage vw kombi buses for sale some local anesthetic so I didn't feel anything after that. Just a bit of pressure. Vaginal had one removed vaginal local anesthetic and they sliced it off!

Vaginal granuloma anyone?

It actually wasn't nearly vaginal bad as I was expecting mine was a polyp though which may have made a difference? Granuloma originally said granuloma but not sure if they are the granuloma, haha!

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I don't know what to do about it. I never went to my postnatal appointment so im lost. Does it hurt to get it removed?

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I had mine removed 6 weeks pp after my OB check-up. Granuloma in 10 minutes.