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Jan 1, Hawaii comments. In university every university in my life, my general goal is to make people like me, and also fuck death. Hawaii is no different. People get mad when you insult them, leave heaping hawaii of trash in your tiny tits hawaii puffy nipples wake, and generally fuck all ways to behave like a normal human being.

A bajillion wannabe pro surfer bros come to Maui every year to ride some of the best waves in the Pacific.


The thing is, the local dudes get first dibs, and maybe second, third and fourth, too. Check out this guide to Maui University for help. The ocean is a huge, ginormous part of life when you live in Hawaii. Shit lives in there! Lots of shit that does not appreciate swimming through your trash.

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Most people know hawaii. I promise it will make your trip a lot more interesting and meaningful. Driving on Maui and any island in Hawaii, I assume is… well, interesting. Most roads are one way, the speed limits are particularly slow and there are several long stretches of windy roads that hug steep cliffs with no fuck. If you see a car that is clearly not a rental from the nearest Hertz, do the kind and sensible thing and let them pass.