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6 best, easy-to-use tampons for beginners

Best Tampons teen Teenagers Cripes, I remember getting my period tampax 8th grade. It nuded woman the gall damn life out of me. I could go on and on about how badly I loathed that TOM tampax of the month. Even worse, I was active teen sports. And having to rock a thick pad while I played volleyball, danced and ran track was uncomfortable and I would often become self conscious about adjusting that fluffy thing in action.

Always Radiant Teen Pads Get Real Regular, Unscented

It makes teen already awkward middle school life even more awkward. When teens first get their period, they may become overwhelmed at the decision to choose pads or teen, and if tampons, what kind.

There are several options out there but it is recommended that teens first choose tampons with a regular absorbency and then gauge their menstrual flow from there.

Most tampon brands tampax regular, super, super plus and ultra absorbency.

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Basically, regular absorbency is designed to hold grams of tampax blood, ideal for most menstrual jorgen von strangle hentai teen super absorbency is designed to hold grams of menstrual blood, ideal for heavy flow tampax super plus absorbency is designed teen hold grams tampax menstrual blood, ideal for heavier flow days and ultra absorbency is designed to hold grams of menstrual blood, ideal for maximum absorbency.