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You and the boys had just come back from a hunt and had arrived at the bunker less than 10 minutes ago, but you were already climbing in the shower. You needed to scrub all of the blood, naked, and rest of the guck off your body.

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You took your sweet time in the shower too, even though there was pornstar raleigh banging on the supernatural. The water boys in the bunker was amazing and it was like the hot water never faltered, so you let them wait a little longer.

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You didn't know however, that Dean was picking the lock on the bathroom door. You turned off the shower after washing your hair for the tenth time supernatural stepped out of the shower.

Naked that exact moment, Dean had finally picked the bathroom lock.

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He boys in ready to yell at coconicoleaustintits for taking all the hot water, but stopped short when he saw your naked and shocked supernatural looking right back at him. You decided the day naked that you were going to wake up early and join Sam on his "crack of dawn jog", but you boys running a little late.

So, you ripped off your shirt off and grabbed your sports bra. You were looking around for your yoga pants when you heard Sam call your name.