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Spanked by my brother

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The next two weeks progressed as those that had passed. Johan was working hard in spanked shop and I went to pre-school as usual.

Spanked by My Brother - Incest/Taboo -

Of course both our lifes had changed quite dramatically. But I think Johan though it would be best if we tried to keep things as normal as possible, even if the circumstances had changed a lot. Even if Johan was the one that had looked after me most of the time the latest years, it was a big change living without dad at least being there on his bed.

And another spanked change was of course moving from quite a big house to a small flat.

Spanked by My Brother

Me, being used to having a full house and garden to play around in, must have found this new living situation quite limiting. I guess it must've been quite hard for Johan as well. But what could brother do? We had to keep on living.

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Johan tells that most of the time, I was a kind, sweet and caring girl. But he brother tells that, at least sometimes, I were a little bit too convinced of my own will power. I do remember a couple of times during this time when Johan had to get really angry with me two make me listen. I even remember him yelling; something that he sex scenes video previews did later on.