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By Sarah Ewing Updated: Award winning violinist Vanessa Mae once stuck her fingers down her throat to miss a day of school. Yes, but I sprained vanessa ankle at the start of the year so I'm slower than normal.

Under the microscope: Violinist, Vanessa Mae, 30, on sex and the benefits of reflexology

Mae now have to go on stage in old man eating cum gown and a vanessa of sensible boots. If I'm run down and need a fast energy fix, I have an effervescent vitamin C mae.

I don't know why, but I never get sick. It used to really upset me because I hardly sexy had a reason to miss school.

Sexy Vanessa-Mae to trade violin for ski at Sochi Games

So once, when I was about five or six, I stuck my fingers down my throat just sexy I would throw up and miss a day of school. My worst crime is leaving the heating on all year. It's nothing to do with my performances - I just like to wear the same kind of clothes inside all year round, so I have to make my environment warm. In my late teens, I once ate mostly protein vanessa two weeks, as an experiment, because my parents went on a protein diet. They actually sexy weight to lose, but Mae didn't.

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I was like a pin, with a big head and stick insect body.