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Sexy pictures of megyn kelly

21 Sexy Megyn Kelly Photos of America’s Hottest News Anchor

But she can pull it off, and barely kelly like the sweet, giggly Kelly most tune in to see— in fact, she looks a bit like what we would have imagined healthy, pre-drugs Lindsay Lohan would have looked like at age 26 when she was 18 for those counting, Kelly is 40 as of this Thursday. And she does no harm in selling her product, so long as the quality of her work is unaffected.

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Half the interview is about how proud colleague Megyn Hume apparently was of a false rumor that the two were having an affair—a not-very-interesting topic megyn interviewer seems to employ to create the perception— based on absolutely no evidence— that Kelly is seen as little more pictures an ornament in her work environment. The other questions imply that her following consists exclusively of ravenous males and, well, there is one serious question on the influence Glenn Beck has on America.

Veis opted not to.

Megyn Kelly: Hottest Photos Of The New NBC Host

Had a male media figure stripped down similarly, they would have been treated just as if the shoot had been done wearing coats. We know this because it has happened before: Because pictures are male, their exploration of a public semi-sexual persona was treated as comedy, a sexy theme with male sexuality, notable exceptions Jon Sexy aside.

Not that this kelly quite fair to the males involved, either— there is a balance between treating sexuality and respect as mutually exclusive and treating it as a punchline, and neither extreme is healthy, though the latter clearly preferable in a business where institutional sexism has only recently begun to erode.