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By Daily Mail Reporter.

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Sean-Paul Branscome was seen running through princess pech porn streets naked after taking bath salts, police said. A man allegedly high on bath salts has been found wearing nothing but a garbage bag after stripping naked and running through an Arizona neighbourhood.

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Sean-Paul Branscome, 23, was arrested for trespassing onto a yard after his naked jog through the streets of Tempe. Police responded to sean around 8. As pics drove to the man, who paul been nude near Guadalupe Road in Tempe, witnesses reported he had stripped off his clothes.

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Residents added that he was jumping fences of some of the homes, Tempe police spokesman Sgt. Jeffrey Glover told the Arizona Republic. Police surrounded the area and found him lurking near Kenwood Lane and Lodge Drive wearing a garbage bag for clothing.

He was arrested and booked into Tempe jail on two counts of trespassing.