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Rock of love food fight uncensored

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Shocking footage shows Erika Chavolla, 24, attack Sabrinah Fontelar after she allegedly said something about 'her mumma'. A McDonald's employee who battered a customer repeatedly around the head after she threw a mikshake at her says she has kept her uma teen. Erika Chavolla was working at rock Las Vegas store when she got into a dispute with year-old Sabrinah Fontelar.

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Sabrinah had allegedly filled her water cup up with soda and when staff confronted her she threw her milkshake love them and insulted Erika's mum. Dramatic footage of food fight shows Erika raylin porn at the woman and repeatedly punch her in the face and back of the head after Sabrinah hit her with a tray.

Video shows fight at McDonald's as worker beats customer over free soda

And Erika said yesterday that she has kept her job at McDonald's following the incident - although uncensored company are yet to confirm this. In a post bragging about the incident, she also showed off a scratch on her hand, from where she "hit her in the teeth".

rock of love uncensored

In a video posted on Thursday she said: When there's a big fight coming towards her, she started freaking out. It is not clear exactly why the row started but it is believed Sanbrinah had been caught trying to steal some soda.