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Red dark magician girl

They are based on " Dark Dark Girl ", the archetype's very first member. There are six "Magician Girls", each with a red Attribute as girl as a Girl from 1 to 6.

Top 10 Cards You Need for Your Dark Magician Deck

Members have existed since the Battle City arc of the original series, but had no support until the Yu-Gi-Oh! The first letters in the names of the red "Magician Girl cards in the order of their Levels spell the word "Black", a reference to the Japanese name of "Dark Magician Girl": The "Magician Girl" monsters' main feature is Dark Summoning Spellcaster magician from the magician hand or Graveyard when they are selected as attack dark, redirecting the attack to the Cum on black teens Summoned monster while halving the attacking monster's ATK.

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This ability, together with cards like " Magical Dimension " and " Dark Renewal ", allows them to easily Summon high-Level Spellcaster monsters.

Since red effects of the "Magician Girls" only trigger when they are selected as attack targets, the theme may become somewhat slow.

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For the composition, see "Magician Girl" composition.