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Peeing pooping and throwing up blood

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Mental Health Anxiety Depression. Blood in vomiting and urine, as well as having diahhrea Zaij. Hi, 3 and ago, I started getting diahhrea.

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It only happened once so I didn't really pay attention. That, peeing I'd also smoked a little bit of marijuanna with friends. Yesterday, I vomited once and it contained biggest nipples boobs areolas, but i didn't have to take a poo so I assumed it might just be like a finishing off thing for the sickness.

Then, today, I urinated and it was very red - I'm assuming it was bloody.

What is wrong if you are throwing up blood?

However, I haven't had to vomit or had diahrea since the original ones. I haven't eaten since I got sick, but I'm still not hungry after not eating for 2 days. I don't have any stomach pain or headaches or any such things, but I'm getting kind of worried. Does anyone throwing any idea what it could be?

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I was thinking it might be gastroenteritis, however I've never heard of there being any blood in urine or vomit. Keep in mind that there's only pooping blood in my vomit and urine once, and they were a day and a half apart.