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Pay me to fuck

Just like the remote control turned us into nonstop channel clickers where we never settle on a station, social media is doing the same for longform content.

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I think we all need to work harder at communicating our value to others and to ourselves. If you are good at what you do, then there has to be a value exchange between you and the person you are doing work for.

Just Had My First "Fuck You Pay Me" Moment (Anyone have good FYPM stories? : freelance

We feel that saying no is not nice or is classed as rude. Everyone gets treated the same and gets this as a GIF:. Let me explain how that works. I disrupt my day pay have coffee with you where you want to pitch me something or get free advice from me.

Fuck you. Pay me.

Me getting from where I am takes 30 mins and going fuck to where I am is 30 minutes. So that coffee is now 2 hours of my time gone.

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So basically three hours of my day has been taken up. Want to meet me for a coffee? I am really good at what I do.

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