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Orange is the new black lesbian scene

OITNB will always be one of our favorite shows for several reasons, and we'd be lying if those reasons didn't include the fantastic amount of lesbian and bisexual sex scenes packed into the first three seasons.

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Sure, we're always happy to toast OITNB's general brilliance, but we've just got black take a moment to acknowledge the more carnal pleasures of this Netflix masterpiece. Sure, there was a lot going on in the pilot the whole 'getting arrested' thing was a major plot pointbut when interspersed with this many Vauseman hook-ups, we just knew we would never be able to tear ourselves away.

Season 1, Episode 1, the lesbian damn episode.

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Don't you the it when your nightly teeth-brushing is interrupted be loud shower sex? Nichols may have tried her best to quiet her conquest, but new what we've orange, Nichols' sexual prowess just can't be tamed. Whoever this girl may be, she was clearly a lucky one.

Orange is the New Black

Season 2, Episode 3, The finale of season 1 brough a lot of surprises, but nothing more pleasant than the impromtu hook up of Nichols and Alex. Alex and Piper have hit a rough patch, Nichols has hooked up with most of Litchfield; it's the perfect combo!

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And so, hidden beneath the Christmas gift poster Nichols was making for Morello, the two get a handsy. We don't see much, android 18 anal sex the imagination will do just fine on this scene. The couple didn't last, but the hey, who knows what the future may bring?