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A private dinner can cost up to six figures, so of course the agencies take a cut. Their family rate my clit piercing rich as fuck. If they did it, it would be for career oportunities. It could very well be true, then again it could be BS.

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And definitely not for six figures. Sex with Selena would cost a lot more than that. I hope this is not true selena prostituting for escort and fame that really low, maybe gigi because of oak addiction to drugs that she doing all escort, maybe she needs to work instead of sleeping around park wealthy man in dubai, and there are pictures of it, there is no denying it, not even miley has gone that low.

Miley is in serious relationships with her boyfriends.

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It would make more sense to bang oak director… or Zedd, park. Its not about gigi career its about money. The wealthiest men in the u.

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