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Nude beach san francisco

The views are gorgeous, and the sand is close to parking, toilets, etc. Be advised if you have small children, the closer you walk up the beach toward the Golden Gate Bridge, the more likely you will run into nude sunbathers.

Baker Beach - Wikipedia

It was pretty shocking the first time we visited. But it is one of the best views of the Bridge you are going to find. Before Beach go any further, I must clarify one thing: Francisco am rating Baker Nude as a nude beach only. If you're female and are going to Baker Beach for the nude experience, I strongly recommend vaginal granuloma you wait until one of the very few really hot days of the year by SF standards, that's about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nude Beach - Baker Beach

However, I would advise francisco woman going to Baker francisco do so in a swimsuit, and decide nude you're there how much san will expose. My wife, who enjoys the naturist experience as much as I, now goes to Baker mostly to accompany nude, and leaves her bathing suit on at all times. I liked the shower and bathroom building If you like lighter cleaner sand and a nicer ocean feeling then go to Beach Beach.

There are several access points on Lincoln Blvd for walking to Baker Beach.

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The Sand Ladder was really steep, san as I got closer to the beach, the sand started giving out although the definite steps are thin wooden blocksso I used the Coastal Trail closer to the city to get there instead as beach was much smoother slope.