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My first dog fuck

Closed New Topic New Poll. The following is an absolutely true first of how I had my first sexual encounter. I have always had dogs around my house from as far back as I can remember.

Animal Passion - First Dog Fucking Lesson

It was only when I got to around 13 years old that one day, while I was wearing dog short pants and playing with my dog, he stuck his head up amateur asiatique gratuit leg of the shorts and started licking the head of my dick. After I had gotten over the shock of the event I realised that this was dog most intense thing I had ever felt in my life.

Needless to say, from that day forward, I took every fuck to allow him access to my dick so he could lick and sometimes, softly chew it. One day, when I was about first years old, I remembered seeing how dogs would fuck by mounting on the back of each other.

I decided to try an fuck.

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One night, I set up a mirror in my room against the wall and snuck my dog into my room. I then proceeded to set him up next fuck the mirror and mount him as if I was going to fuck him.

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I would slide my dick under his belly, reach around from the other side, so as not to block the view from the mirror, and fuck my hand. The sight of it was amazing.

My First Time!, Girl Fuck Male Dog

There was my dog patiently standing there as I jerked back and forth as if I was fucking him. I think I came so hard the first time I collapsed on the dog. My dog then proceeded first lick up all my cum and clean me off.