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Miley cyrus naked picture from phone

Miley Cyrus – Naked Personal Leaked Pictures

Starting off her career as a Disney teen idol in Hannah Montana, Miley Ray Cyrus is a classic case of a good girl gone bad. Back in Aprila hacker leaked some naked of Picture on the internet. This was back when she was the traditional beauty; a long haired brunette with good manners and stylish dress sense.

Phone pictures were pretty miley and showed her in swimsuit and lingerie goofing off with some friends. There were some nudes released around this time as well but they probably were not real.

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As Cyrus matured over the years, she started developing a heavily sexualized public image to shed the Hannah Montana vibe. This involved cutting her hair short and wearing less clothes. Take for cyrus the pictures below.

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This set of private polaroids were given to V Magazine during her Bangerz tour. Included are some other nudes from her Instagram and other sources. This should from the first time she revealed her nipples.