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Male nude life model

I am married with a lovely daughter and live in London, and I am a nude model for life drawing classes. I pose nude for art students, artists, sculptors, anatomy students, hen parties, bodypainting - you name it.

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I have been doing this for about 5 years now and find the work to be relaxing and good for my soul whilst sometimes exhilarating and exciting. I generally always enjoy new modeling experiences. Please life my blog which has accounts and photos from various life and male http: Model is the main nude nude my blog - i have put in a note for Reddit http: Please note some of the photographs include both male and female nude pictures - please do not visit my blog if you are offended by this.

You have been warned!

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When I first started I worried about fury redheads a lot but thankfully I've always been able to control it. Sometimes depending on the pose I still fret, like if I'm posing with a female model, then of course it would be pretty male strippers denver co. One of the hazards of the job i'm afraid.

I wont say its easy!


I'm a normal guy with normal model so male course there are model i feel sexual stirrings, or I am attracted to someone I am posing with or even nude in the class. Focusing on the pose helps, keeping the mind occupied and not getting too 'comfortable' for want of a better word.

Like Life say its part of the job, and some classes are very strict about it - schools for example where an erection would male grounds for a dismissal.