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Lyrics glitter and be gay

Singing of a sorrow Nothing can assuage And yet, of course, I rather like to revel, ah ha! Gay have lyrics strong objection to champagne, ah ha!

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My wardrobe is expensive as free filippina porn devil, ah ha! Perhaps it is ignoble to complain!

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Enough, enough Of being basely tearful I'll show my noble stuff By being bright and cheerful Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Pearls, and ruby rings Ah, how can wordly take the and of honour lost? Can they compensate for my fallen state? Purchased as they were at such a, at such an awful cost. Can they blind my eyes to shame?

Glitter And Be Gay lyrics

Can the bright glitter shield me from reproach? Can the purest diamond purify my name? And yet, of course, these trinkets are endearing, ah ha!

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