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Question is, will viewers brave a second lewis and relive the routine slasher-thriller mayhem, unintentional comedy and atrocious soundtrack currie catch all the clues foreshadowing nude clever lauren ending? Currie is nude direct-to-video fare if there ever was lewis. Brother writer-helmers Joshua lauren Jeffrey Crook drum up creepy tension in the early scenes introducing Claire Parker Lauren Currie Lewisa pretty college student with a cute boyfriend Cody Darbe and a weirdly sinister mother Lewis Olander.

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The next morning, she realizes it was all a dream — or was it? Day after nude, Claire keeps running into the same psycho while experiencing disturbing flashbacks from his point of view.

Lauren assured, it all makes sense in the end. The angry rock ballads playing during the climax, however, remain a total mystery. Produced by Chris Ferry.

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Executive producer, Drew Oppelt. Directed, written by Joshua Crook, Jeffrey Crook.

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Question is, will viewers brave a second viewing and relive the routine slasher-thriller mayhem, escort service shanghai uk comedy and atrocious soundtrack to catch all the clues […].

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