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Klebsiella vaginal infection

Bacterial vaginosis, candidal, trichomonal and Gonococcal vaginal infections infection a major health problems associated with gynecologic complications and increase in replication, shedding and transmission of HIV and other STIs in women of reproductive age.

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The study aimed at determining the prevalence of common vaginal infections and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of aerobic bacterial isolates in women of reproductive age, attending Felegehiwot teens vergins Klebsiella. A hospital based cross sectional study was conducted from May to November, Simple random sampling technique was used.

Klebsiella Infections Treatment & Management: Medical Care, Surgical Care, Consultations

Demographic variables were collected using a structured questionnaire. Clinical data were collected by physicians. Two vaginal swab specimens were collected from each participant. Wet mount and Gram staining were carried out to identify motile T.

Relationship between lactobacilli and opportunistic bacterial pathogens associated with vaginitis

All vaginal specimens were cultured for aerobic bacterial isolates using standard microbiology methods. Antimicrobial susceptibility was performed klebsiella disc diffusion technique vaginal per infection standard by Kirby-Bauer method.

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The proportion of vaginal infection was higher in non-pregnant The most common identified vaginal infections were candidiasis 8. The isolation rate of N. Bacterial vaginosis was higher in non-pregnant 5.

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Bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis and trichomoniasis are a common problem in women of reproductive vaginal.