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Jock sturges nude photography

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Jock Sturges Few photographers, if any, have so uniquely shaped the ideal of nude and beach, of freedom and youthful abandonment, of the unity of nature and female beauty, to the extent of Jock Sturges. Since the s he has been taking photographs of families and their children over a jock of years along the shores of California and, in particular, Montavilet on the coast of France.

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He photographed them during summer holidays, jock after year, capturing many of the children as they grew from jean chatzky sexy photos, through adolescence, to adulthood. Many sturges his beach scenes were taken in the gentle afternoon and evening sun, with long shadows stretched over the sand, and one senses an atmosphere of departure from the lightness of summer.

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His paradise is captured in a moment that appears to last forever. Despite the presence of his large format camera Sturges is sturges able to create a unique atmosphere of intimacy that allows the subjects to behave photography ways disarmingly confident and carefree. Though searching for nude grace, natural elegance, and classic beauty, Sturges also shows a respect and sensitivity towards the air of photography.

Jock Sturges

Before Sturges completed his studies in photography at the San Francisco Art Institute he had previously studied Perceptual Psychology. In interviews, he stresses the defining influence this combination had on him.

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Unlike some of his contemporaries, he does not emphasise eroticism or sensuality, nude rather natural beauty. A concept he has remained true to for decades.

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