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Japanese vibrating condoms

Japanese sex engineers invent new vibrating condom. Fun. Articles

It is an open secret that Japanese enjoy the reputation of most cunning creators as far as the invention of stupid jayne marie mansfield nude things is concerned.

This time they decided to make sex more pleasurable: Japanese engineers created a vibrating condom. The new kind of condom condoms presented at the international show of inventions in Geneva in April.

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The visitors applauded to the skilled craftsman from Taiwan, whose product became the high spot of the show. The anti-hemorrhoid chair became vibrating second most interesting exhibit of the show.

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The artful construction was supposed to relieve a seating individual from such discomfort as constipation, hemorrhoid japanese poor blood circulation. Now the enterprising Japanese decided to launch the production japanese a new sex toy.

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It is a conventional condom with a hard plastic ring on its base. The ring is outfitted with a tiny condoms vibrator, which gives extra pleasure condoms the most intimate part of the woman's body. To vibrating the perfect place for the vibrating japanese on such a small item as a condom was a very hard nut to crack for Japanese sex engineers. A special agent was sent to Japanese brothels to investigate the issue.

Vibrating Condom

The new vibrating is currently undergoing tests. Porno actors and script writers were honored to become the first humans to put the new device on and try it in action. Women, who experienced the new kind of pleasure, were all thrilled with the new sexual feeling.

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