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I m not a player i just fuck alot

Still Not a Player

W hat does the phrase "I'm not a playa, I just crush a lot" mean? Anonymous Profile bio tidbit goes here. Crush means having intercourse, so that person is sayin that they don't cheat, but they have alot of sex. No comments Permalink Share Crush means you have a crush on someone, you flirt with them etc. So, I'm not a playah i just crush alot means, I don't cheat on you, I just like to flirt with other women.

Kinda like, just cuz i already ordered doesn't mean I can't still look at the menu.

What does the phrase "I'm not a playa, I just crush a lot" mean?

On his song, " I don't wanna be a player no more". It means he isn't a dog, not as shallow and manipulating as a player can be, he just maintains a lot of flirting and contact with females.

The original lyric was "I'm not a player, I just fuck alot" - this was edited for the censors, changing "fuck" to "crush", resulting in the censors unintentionally creating a new euphemism for sex crush.

A player is a man who has sex with many different women.

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I suppose Pun was saying that he just liked to have sex, he wasn't doing it to be cool or to get benicio del toro nude reputation.