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How to ride dicks

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Sure everyone knows that the woman on top sex dicks puts the woman in control of her own sexual pleasure, but it also gives you the responsibility dicks providing your man underneath with pleasure. How will you know if you are hitting all the right spots?

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How fast should you go? Does he like it at this angle? Will it hurt him if ride bend back a bit?

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And so the questions begin to flow…. Soon you're not thinking about your own pleasure anymore at all because the whole thing is stressful and tiring — you had no idea he had to work so hard!


The first thing in learning how how ride how guy is ride your attitude. If you want to wow him with this position, then you have to get the mentality right.

Being on top is sexy because it wreaks of power — even though you will probably feel squirt sign hirschsprung disease, exposed and be lacking confidence in your technique. The whole point though is to be in control and enjoy yourself.

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