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How to prepare for a vaginal polypectomy

During a transvaginal ultrasound, your doctor or a medical technician inserts a wandlike device transducer into your polypectomy while you are positioned on an exam table.

What you need to know about a polypectomy

The transducer emits sound waves that prepare images of your uterus, black ebony porn pics and fallopian tubes. During sonohysterography, your doctor uses a thin, flexible tube catheter to inject salt water saline into the hollow part of your uterus.

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With an ultrasound probe, vaginal doctor obtains images of the inside of your uterus and checks for irregularities. During a hysteroscopy, your doctor uses a thin, lighted instrument hysteroscope to view how inside of your uterus.

What to Expect With Endometrial Polyp Removal

A slender, wand-like device placed in your vagina emits sound waves and creates an image of your uterus, including its interior. Your doctor may see a polyp that's clearly present or may identify a uterine polyp as an area of thickened endometrial tissue.

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A related procedure, known as hysterosonography his-tur-o-suh-NOG-ruh-fee — also called sonohysterography son-oh-his-tur-OG-ruh-fee — involves having salt water saline injected into your uterus through a small tube threaded through for vagina and cervix.

The saline expands your uterine cavity, which gives the doctor a clearer view of the inside of your uterus during the ultrasound. Most uterine polyps are noncancerous benign.