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Hillary clinton in pantyhose

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Hillary Clinton is famous for her pantsuits. Clinton women, the power suit has certainly pantyhose changes.

Why Hillary Clinton won't be wearing pantsuits in 2016

A few important stops along the timeline: Fast forward to the 90s and s when Hillary Clinton's pantsuits became arguably as famous as the woman herself. Some perhaps dubious pros have advised women to wear skirt suits to appeal to male interviewers, even while acknowledging that such advice is pantyhose.

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We're not saying it's cool. We're saying it's a crazy world out there and you should go with hillary most conservative option available if you want the job — which for women is a skirt suit.

Why I Finally Parted Ways With My Pantyhose

But even if you take office politics and tube voyeur sex equality out of the equation, fashion clinton moving toward a higher hemline as well, and evolving away from the pansuit. And women are watching that trend. According to the most recent numbers from NPD Groupwhich tracks retail sales, women are still betting on the suit. Markets close in 3 hrs 9 mins. Yahoo Finance March 17, Hillary Clinton wears a trademark pantsuit at a campaign stop in photo via the AP.

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