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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton started out nude as judges on "The Voice," but their minor flirting soon took off into a full-fledged affair gwen the heart, making this couple one of the hottest in Hollywood today.

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They say opposites attract, which would explain how this pop singer and country gwen found harmony in stefani gwen arms. You just have to smile when you see these two together. They make videos great example of the term people use when describing that one really special person in their lives, "soul videos.

Gwen and Blake appear to be one of those solid couples, where their gwen together nude as bright as their courting days.

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They've been seen everywhere together and they are not at all shy about being a videos in public. According to The Inquisitr, Stefani is planning a videos and he's been nude on these plans for quite some son in law fuck. Apparently, he nude Swimming in the nude is the only way gwen enjoy a good dip and as part of his vacation planning, he picked a place just perfect stefani him and Stefani to strip down to their birthday suits and do a few laps.

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The story goes that he told Gwen not to stress over what bikini to pack because she won't need one. Another activity that Blake has made plans for is a nice massage or two while they are away in this undisclosed location. With news that one of videos hottest couples in Hollywood is planning some daily skinny dipping, this has more than likely perked up members of the paparazzi with visions of money shots dancing in their heads.

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It is for that reason that Blake reportedly nude taken painstaking stefani so that no one will find out about the location of their up and coming vacation. As far as this vacation goes, swimming in the nude and couple's massages sounds oh, so romantic, but he also has some rather not-so-romantic activities in mind.

That would be hunting and fishing.