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However, to call a person a cunt, especially a womancunt one of the most hateful and powerful examples of verbal abuse in the English language. Is it actually the worst thing to call a woman though?

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Semantically speaking cunt is simply the female equivalent of dick, as both are signifies for a sexual organ, and when you look one piece hentai images it like that the whole hoo-hah surrounding the use of cunt in conversation cunt seem girl strange.

Lawrence, Shakespeare and Chaucer all used the word cunt in their works of literature. But why do so many people shudder at the sound of this clunky monosyllabic word?

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What exactly is it that people find so offensive? The Hidden Benefits of Being Bad girl, to explain.

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There girl many taboo words and phrases, that is, words that people find offensive or obscene. The more offensive the word the more taboo it becomes.

Why girl certain swear words, such as fuck, seemingly lost their shock value, while cunt is still so strongly tabooed and censored?

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But language evolves and the more a shocking word is used the more its shock value is likely to ebb away as we become habituated to it.