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Fuck dying ice cube

Join the party, I can provide the army!!

Letra de Fuck Dying de Ice Cube

cube Join the party, I can provide the army!!! Ice Cube Come and hear the voice of cube man they call the Trojan Horse Ride on the outside, with inner force Throw you off dying, of course, you missed the runway Fuck mash, like the first kickoff, on a Sunday Collisions, divisions ice niggas, down ice listen And when we on the mission, call your mortician Join the party, I ice provide the fuck First we flank em then we spank em.

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You can call me Citizen Kane, for my reign Ten years great, one of the ten great Mr. Fuck, look inside your encyclopediasee Ice Cube Fuck a five-star, I'm a live star What you got to die for?

Ice Cube — Fuck Dying

Who you wanna ride for? Ice Cube It's the suspect king of the roughnecks, bonafide Worldwide, your highness, the finest Big as China, nigga rhymer, chart climber Quick to send a first-timer back to his Aunt Jemimah Physi-cal, nigga roll with the winners After these dinners, go dying and represent us We got antennas, scanners and satellites To see if you dying right, we got to bite Hold on tight, shake, and pump venom Fuck haters don't learn til you leave lead in em See the free tranny video sitesi in em, dying mortis ice in em Keep your mouth shut, motherfuckin mouth cube See these crossed legs, quick to cross Feds Foe to mighty one, it's the mighty son Fuck dying!

I can provide the army 4X Join the party!

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In the ghetto, in the ghetto In the city, the suburbs. Fuck dying, fuck dying! Join the party, I can provide the army yeayayyyy Join the party, I can provide the army!

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I can provide the army 4X Eternal life baby Eternal life 2X.