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Father walks around nude in front of daughter

I read with interest your column regarding parents, children and nudity. Your advice was based on experts who suggested it is best that children older than 3 years of age not see parents of the fernanda garcia castaneda nude sex in the nude.

Daughter Walks Nude Infront Of Parents porn videos

My husband is a physician who always told me and our two daughters that because he was a doctor and saw people front the nude all day long, it was all right for him and the girls to be nude in front of one another.

I never liked the idea.

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When we were traveling and the girls were younger, we always shared motel rooms with our daughters to save money. My husband never thought twice about walking around without his clothes on and saw no reason that the rest of the family shouldn't do likewise.


The girls daughter in their 20s now, and my husband still thinks he is right about this. I should add that our youngest daughter is uncomfortable with nude father walking into the bathroom while she is around. Also, she has told me that she is disgusted when her father showers and dries himself father front of her.

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A father should not be walking into the bathroom when his adult daughters are showering, whether he's a physician or an electrician. Walks doors have locks.

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Why on Earth do they put up with this total disregard for their privacy? It makes no sense whatsoever. As for your husband, "Doctor, heal thyself.