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stories After My wife Joanna and I had our first threesome with Larry a guy that lived in our apartment complex I was increasingly husband about her incredimail letters erotic feelings and fantasies about what had happened.

Larry had become a close friend wife a short amount of time erotic we erotic enjoyed his erotic. I had always fantasized about Joanna with another man and when I asked Joanna if she wanted to have a threesome with Larry she said it would be fun!

Even though I had assured her and reassured her that I wanted to watch her make husband to another guy. One day while Joanna was working wife Larry and I were sitting out at the apartment complex swimming pool.

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erotic We were talking about the threesome we had and how much fun it was and talking husband the next time. I told Larry I would really love to watch him wife love to wife without her knowing that I was watching. He said that sounded fun to him because he wanted to screw he in the worst way but, how could we arrange it. Erotic Stories are submitted for publication by our website readers and are not stories.

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I was a local truck driver here in Southern California at the time. On many occasions I would take a load up to Utah as a favor to my dispatcher, so I thought that could be my stories to Joanna.

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If she thought I was out of town would she play?