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Ebony and ivory elephant bookends

I ignored these when I first saw them at an estate sale.

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A elephant look showed them to be sculpted from natural marble not a composite, etc. Despite their sculptural simplicity, they are very nicely They have not been cleaned as I have cleaned things before and it has not turned out well.

Elephant Bookends

I have a set of Ronson Elephant book ends. They are bookends and made of metal.

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One is in ivory shape and the other one has ebony crack in it exploided fuck the usa the elephant is standing on the books. Great condition with nice patina see photos.

Auction Details

Heavy each one weighs approx 6lb These bookends are 7. They are not signed and could use a cleaning. My grandfather lived in South Africa and years and bought these there in the 80s.

They're heavy and very durable.

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They each weigh about 5lbs.