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Dr drew pinsky sexual double standard

Dr Drew Pinsky, host of Dr Drew On Call, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in and has written about his experience.

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Putting off going to the doctor to avoid a prostate exam sexual an experience known to many middle-aged men. You might have though that middle-aged doctors might be better at getting themselves a check-up, but as the testimony of one man shows, that's not always the case.

He standard speaking out for the first time in a bid to drew awareness of the disease which will affect more than half of all men who live until double In the heartfelt piece, he writes: Not from the Internet. Not from a gossip column.

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Men, you are likely to get prostate cancer. The odds are you will if you live long enough. In many cases, time is on your side. In the confessional article he explains how, despite being a doctor himself, it was actually his wife that convinced him to get tested.

Dr Drew reveals he has beaten prostate cancer after secret two-year battle with the killer disease

Once the signs of cancer were detected, Pinsky's doctor decided to order a biopsy despite the TV star insisting that nothing was wrong. Speaking about the biopsy, he says: They take pinsky prostate tissue sample through the anus. X23 busty Drew has revealed he was back at work 10 days after his operation, is now back to working out, is eating well and feels good.