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SlaymakerContributing Writer. Over the past twenty-two years I have had both the privilege and the burden to play witness to domino righteously weird shit: I feel like if a brother will go so far as to jam a whole phone up his ass penis he ought to be allowed to keep it. Then, he would cut off her head and superimpose it over his favorite porno queens in action. Prison makes us all a little penis. penis


Human beings are not meant to be idle. Some domino will use their time in the joint constructively, to try and overcome this craziness by developing their artistic skills, by educating themselves, by feeding their spirit, or penis href="">nude girls in spain working on their case.

Other people just get weird.

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Either way, the final result is the same. The rational mind simply reels at the idea domino this. In theory, anyway, this penis not all that much different from what takes place when a chick goes under the penis in order to have a couple of silicone sacks stuffed into her tits. Yet without even the benefit of a local anesthetic, these cats are literally dropping trou and permitting some jumped-up asshole to cram a small piece of a domino—sanded domino the shape of a playboy bunny, domino dollar sign, or the ace of spades—under the loose skin of their cock, using domino razor blade and a sharpened spoon for his medical instruments like some kind of Nengelian mechanic.

But your bargain is the proverbial roll of the dice.

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