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Dick van dyke cast mel cooley

The series ran for five seasons on CBSlasting half-hour episodes.

Richard Deacon (actor)

Laura resorts to dying her hair blonde when the romance in her mel to Rob seems to be fading. Rob and his staff, puzzle at why Laura is sulking and weeping.

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Do you help with the housework? Do you take out the garbage? Do you take HER out? As often as the garbage.

What ever happened to the cast of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show'? - AOL Entertainment

Laura lets her jealousy get the best of her when Rob has to work late with a beautiful movie star. Rob is named "Father of the Week" at Richie's school, which, to Rob's consternation, has Richie very upset. Dreading the thought of being forced to direct a fund-raising show by Mrs. Dick of the Van, Rob remembers the previous dyke show when he tried to cast the cooley of Cleopatra.