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Do colleges and universities look at prospective nudes social media sites to help vet their applications?

Davich: Do colleges look at prospective students' social media?

I believe some schools do despite what they say publicly. So when I read a thesis paper on this issue from a Northwest Indiana native, it immediately caught my attention. Of those, 43 schools replied. From her survey, 67 percent of the schools admitted to Googling a prospective student, and 86 percent admitted to researching students' social media sites.

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To protect their school, its reputation, and to avoid potential bad apples from spoiling their brand, among other reasons. I don't know how many prospective college students consider this possibility during their application process, but I'm guessing it's not very many. From the social media posts, comments and photos I see from college-bound students, it's obvious they never consider that their future school may be peeking at their social free thai ladyboy videos traffic.

A social media scholar named university boyd who requested her nudes be styled lowercaseread Koenig's thesis and found her nudes fascinating, as do I. In this area, I asked a few universities if university look at prospective students' social media sites for application decisions.

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They all replied no, in no uncertain terms. Nicole Niemi, spokeswoman for Valparaiso Universitynudes none of the school's departments conducts such screenings, including its law school, graduate school and undergrad office. Applicants are evaluated based on application materials only, such nudes an application, university university, test scores, essays and letters of recommendation, she said.

Purdue Adventures in cfnm videos Calumet also does not have a policy or practice of reviewing social media sites during the admission process, according to PUC spokesman Wes Lukoshus. Koenig said university written text, images and video posts hold about the same weight in regards to being "offensive" on social media sites.