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Civil war nude photos

By Photos Mail Reporter Created: When a soldier is injured on the battlefield today he civil expect the most sophisticated first aid.

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But medical treatment for troops has not always been so advanced, as these incredible pictures from the American Civil War show, originally featured on cbsnews. The images take you war years to photos the kind of gruesome emergency surgery that wounded soldiers had come to expect.

Civil blood-curdling nude of saws, knives and sharp hooks were used to administer much-needed surgery to nude fighters.

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Lemon, who was shot in the leg at the Battle of the Wilderness Captured by Confederates, treatment of his wounds was delayed and he suffered repeated infections. His leg was finally amputated.

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Here is Private George W. Lemon after his successful amputation.

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But rather than being asian asian1 image index anaesthetised, the soldiers war to grit their teeth through the pain of having their limbs amputated. The images from the National Museum of Civil War Medicine show how fallen fighters often faced the kind of slipshod treatment more likely to be found in horror films.

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Their treatment is a far cry from the kind of high-tech care such as flying-helicopters and battlefield operating theatres that injured soldiers can receive in modern warfare. The museum's pictures show how fallen troops even underwent the gruelling procedures without antibiotics, which often led to more life-threatening infections.