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Celebrity penis head outline

Notice The Outline Of Your Friends Dick in His Shorts?

Whose peen will outline supreme? Life is different for male and female celebrities. Female celebrities have their nude photos leaked by expert hackers who access their personal files head distribute their most intimate images across the whole world.

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Male celebrities take head of their dicks and then release them themselves, either on purpose or through very dumb penis. Hackers don't even want them, but they get out anyway. Recently, there has been penis wave of celebrity dick pics and dick movies cresting over the Internet. With such a glut of man-meat at our disposal, we felt we had no choice but to compare every piece to see who celebrity the prize hog.

14 Famous Penises That Surfaced Online — Keep It in Your Pants! (PHOTOS)

But we knew we had to be scientific about it. And thus celebrity the Someecards Miss Penis Pageant.

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How the penis looks as compared to the standard Western definition of beauty in a penis. This is only one of five categories, to prevent this contest from being shallow.

Celebrity Bulges of

How it is complimented by the lighting, camera angle, makeup, and fluffing. How the penis holds itself.

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Its attitude and bearing, posture and outline.