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Cat in heat peeing everywhere

When a female cat goes into heat, she marks objects with urine to let male cats know that she is looking for a mate.

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Cats in heat will spray walls, furniture cat almost any vertical standing object, peeing this urine has a much stronger odor than normal. Heat spaying is only way to stop a female cat from urinating around the house, there are other steps you can take to help discourage her. Reduce your cat's stress level.

Cat Urinating In Your House?

Stress can cause cats to mark their territory more frequently. Do not overcrowd your cats by having too many pets. Use cat pheromones to help keep your spraying cat calm. These products can be placed in common problem zones and are also available in plug-in diffusers.

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Keep your cat's litter box clean. Cats in everywhere produce more urine, so maintaining a healthy litter box will help keep your cat from urinating outside the box due to sanitary reasons.