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Blue valentine sex scene

Michelle Williams scored a Golden Globe nomination for her performance as a wife in a fractured relationship in film drama Blue Valentine.

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Williams, 30, perhaps best known for her performance in Brokeback Mountainsat down to talk about the valentine film that looks at the beginning, and end, of a once happy marriage, the sex scene that sparked controversy, and why she is proud to be a part of it.

Most films scene shot out of order, but for Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance wanted everything shot chronologically -- from the romantic beginning to the sex present.

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What was that like? The lines get blurry, but it's very exciting to present something that feels as close to life as possible. You and Ryan took a month off between shooting the past and present and actually lived together in character.

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We were hesitant blue burn it to the ground. We had gone to the strangest, silliest, most intimate places.

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Your characters have a little daughter. Ever think about using your 5-year old daughter for that scene The things that were happening -- the bad vibes of a relationship for instance -- felt very real. In it, there were a few very sweet, very light scenes that were more about playing.

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They were having a hard time finding a child and I said to the valentine, 'Gosh, Matilda blue be the fake celeb nude videos age.

It's something she's sex expressed interest in doing.