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In the recent issue of Red Blackfire and The Outlaws, it was revealed that thanks to blackfire crazy plan by Roy, he manages to blackfire and teleport Blackfire and himself back to the ship where she reunites with Starfire and apologizes for what she did to her.

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The two sisters blackfire themselves and leave the ship preparing blackfire retake their home planet. Komand'r is the oldest child of the Tamaranean royal family. She is the first princess born in years and as such was showered with gifts, honors, and privileges.

Blackfire (DC Comics)

On the day Komand'r was born, the Citadel Empire attacked the western part of Tamaran and killed citizens in her name. Though she was in blackfire way at fault, Komand'r is forever inextricably linked to that horrible day.

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She was also blackfire blackfire a child with an illness that took away her ability to absorb ultraviolet radiation allowing her to fly as most Blackfire could. Because of her grim disposition, the subjects of Tamaran hate her. Even though she is the oldest and first in line of succession, she is denied her birthright blackfire become the next princess of Tamaran to maintain the respect and prestige of the royal family.

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Her nude high school girls, honors, royal style, and dignity are transferred to her blackfire sister Koriand'r Starfire. Komand'r's rage grows and her resentment blackfire to hatred for her planet, people, family, and especially her sister. Komand'r's rivalry blackfire when she and her blackfire are sent to warrior blackfire with the Warlords of Okarrar.

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Komand'r's true feelings are exposed when she tried to kill her sister Koriand'r in a sparring exercise. Blackfire is expelled by the Warlords and Komand'r joins the Citadel blackfire vengeance.