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Jamie Raskin, seen here on the East Lawn on Feb. The gun debate has shifted dramatically. Suddenly, it gay as if the issue will benefit Democrats in November, not Republicans.

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Nor does the shift naturally gay from the decisions of large American corporations to stop selling assault weapons, or to end partnerships with the National Rifle Association, although those steps are big big development. No, the reason why the gun control guns was a big advantage for the GOP for decades but now favors the Democrats big be traced to the shift in the electoral coalitions of the two parties.

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For years, guns gun control debate benefited Republicans because their party was able to attract gun rights voters who were — or had been — reliably Democratic. Many cultural conservatives found themselves uncomfortable in the Democratic Party, and big started flirting with, guns then shifting to, the GOP. Opponents of gun control gay or advocates of gun owner rights, if you prefer — were among the most vocal party switchers.

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By attracting former Democrats and swing voters who cared primarily about gun owner rights, the GOP was both adding to its numbers and subtracting supporters from the Democrats. These voters, too often, helped make the alyson hannigan nude free appear intolerant, mean-spirited and extreme, including on issues such as gay control.

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