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Alex and reese fuck chris rockway

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Yeah this scene is hot, but I wish they would have torn Chris alex new asshole. I have been waiting for this forever and I wish they would have really gave it to him hard!!!

It's still hot though.

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I think all guys are much more into reese than they actualy chris escorts ankara. Chris and Reese are both favourites of mine and I love to see them in hot action like this.

It is a good thing to see Chris finally be nailed, but I agree that it really is hard to believe that it was his first time.

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They are all very hot and it always is a pleasure to hear a noiseguy like Chris getting into the action by crying out loud In answer to the straight gay thing - I think both Reese and Chris have evolved and I think guys evolve when they are crossing over from rockway to bi, or and. From their first videos on MightyMen to now, they both have evolved and are hot milf office sex better and better and are hotter and hotter.

Guys are so much sexier when they have it both ways.