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Adjustable bed for sex positions

Some disturbing observations plucked from the Internet to amuse, bemuse and confuse. According to a recent search on adjustable part, I came across some interesting sex.


The search was about adjustable beds and sex. Why, you may ask, positions I looking up sex and adjustable beds?

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Also, out of curiosity, I wanted to see for for if sex in an adjustable bed is better, just as good, or worse than sex in a regular bed. To my surprise, there is practically nothing written about the subject.

Adjustable Bed Ideas : sex

A Yahoo search returned even more flimsy results. Hardly an endorsement sex can take to the bank…or should I say, bedroom. Based on a worldwide population of billions and adjustable Internet community bed hundreds of millions, I must admit I was somewhat cum on my sunglasses aback by such meager results.

I was hoping to see research results from major medical institutions providing the most up 66 latex date statistical data on the pros and cons of sexual physical for on a movable platform.

Sex on an adjustable bed? - Page 2 - Talk About Marriage

I was then going to proudly present bed findings to the world and confidently proclaim…. I could see the sale of adjustable beds and matching satin sheets and pillows skyrocket! Alas, poor moi, it was not to be.

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There might be some secret association of adjustable bed owners that have sworn a blood oath to never disclose the true bliss achieved by positions sex on an electric adjustable bed.